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Surface Cleaning Technology

Surface Cleaning Technology

Wandres develops and manufactures cleaning systems for a great variety of cleaning applications in the following sectors of industry:

  • Furniture parts and panels
    Removal of fine dusts and particles before assembly, painting, stacking, packing etc.
  • Converting
    Cleaning of paper webs, foils, packing materials for food and pharmaceutical products in normal and clean room conditions.
  • Blanks
    Cleaning of blanks for body skin components and tailored blanks before forming
  • Coils
    Double-sided cleaning of metal coils (stainless steel, aluminium, copper etc.)
  • 3-dimensional surfaces
    Cleaning of 3-dimensional surfaces with Robot Sword Brushes e.g. before the lacquering of car bodies, plastic parts or before the final lacquering of aluminium surfaces.
  • Glass
    Removal of contaminating particles such as separating powders, packing particles etc.

Most of the Sword Brushes function with the Ingromat®system (micro-moistened brush filaments). Brushes have a long industrial life allowing for a permanent functioning in heavy duty industrial applications.