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Surface Cleaning Technology

Cleaning of car bodies before painting
Car bodies need to be cleaned right before the final painting process. Especially complex surfaces as they occur with modern car bodies, may be prepared perfectly for the final painting by letting them pass a robot-based cleaning process.
Cleaning of interior spaces
For visible surfaces, there are also cleaning application for interior spaces. Another possible application is the pre-cleaning before a wet cleaning process when parts run through a bath.
Cleaning of headlights
Before applying hard lacquers, polycarbonate parts such as headlights, exterior mirror parts or sliding roofs may be cleaned effectively.
Cleaning of back-injected moulded foils
Here, the Sword Brush is normally placed into a fixed device. The foil that needs to be back-injected will be passed along the Sword Brush by robot after being placed into the injection moulding die. Tinsel from the punching process and particles from the surrounding air will be removed effectively.