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Oberflächenreinigung Coil

Surface Cleaning Technology

Cleaning after heat treatment (furnace)
Stainless steel coils are cleaned from above and from below after the furnace to remove abrasions or deposits that originate in the annealing process. Very often, two rubber rollers are installed from above and from below at the infeed and at the outfeed of the cleaning modules to appease the coil that sometimes may be very wavy. The Cevomat Cleaner may effectively clean even sharp-edged metal coils.
Cleaning after sanding
Dust from sanding processes will lead to many errors in subsequent processes, i.e. the application of protective foils. A Wandres Sword Brush will effectively remove particles and very fine dusts from the surfaces by using the patented Ingromat® system.
Cleaning of rollers
Adhesive dust particles and other kinds of deposits on rollers cause these particles to be dragged on to other processes and produce surface errors on the material surface. In order to avoid this phenomenon Sword Brushes are installed to clean cylindrical steel rollers, rubber rollers or profiled rollers.
Cleaning before calender mill stand
Large metal coils need to be cleaned from above and from below before the skin pass mill or before the levelling rollers. Rubber rollers are often installed at the infeed and the outfeed of the Cevomat Cleaner to guarantee a smooth transition between the end of one coil and the beginning of the next coil.
Cleaning before levelling rollers
Metal coils that are unwound, normally have to be straightened. Levelling rollers need to be free from particles, otherwise there will be marks on the surfaces or the surfaces will be damaged. The coil that comes from the reel is appeased with rollers and will then pass onto the Sword Brushes that will clean it from above and from below.