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Oberflächenreinigung Converting

Surface Cleaning Technology

Cleaning before printing
Printing units suffer from particles that cling to the printing rollers. These particles cause printing errors and lead to interruptions in the production process.
Cleaning before converting
The converting process is very susceptible to dragged-in particles. This is especially true for very thin layers that need to be applied. This situation presents itself both during siliconisation and lacquering processes.
Cleaning after trimming
Particles arise especially near cutting appliances, knives and rotating discs. It is recommendable to remove the particles before the wind up.
Cleaning before foil coating
Foils that are applied onto surfaces need to be free from particles. Even small particles will appear enlarged through the foil irrespective whether these are transparent or coloured.
Cleaning after sanding
Sanding processes produce a lot of very fine particles that are more or less as big as the sanding furrows. Oftentimes, you need to clean the area with brushes and/or compressed air driven nozzles more than once.