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Surface Cleaning Technology

Cleaning after stacking
Effective and gentle removal of dust, fibres and very small particles from glass surfaces is essential for subsequent production processes. Combi Sword Brushes clean delicate surfaces from above and from below.
Cleaning after cutting
The cutting and the breaking of glass generate disturbing splinters and fine dust particles. Combi Sword Brushes remove these types of contamination even on glass plates with sharp edges.
Cleaning before washing machines
Separating powders at the upper and lower surfaces of the glass strain the filters of washing machines. Combi Sword Brushes remove all types of particle contaminations. This will considerably reduce maintenance efforts at the washing machines.
Cleaning of transport rollers
Contaminated transport conveyors or rollers will carry over dust and particles. Sword Brushes may easily be integrated into existing transport systems. The cleaning of transport conveyors and rollers will avoid marks and indentations caused by contaminating particles and glass splinters.
Cleaning before printing
Clean glass surfaces are important for subsequent processes such as printing or refining. Combi Sword Brushes will provide the necessary cleanliness of the surfaces.