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Fast and effective cleaning of core foam for lightweight construction

Large-scale lightweight structures are frequently constructed as sandwich structures using core foam layer materials with fibre reinforced outer layers. Ensuring thorough cleaning of the core material is usually the most challenging aspect of the production process and a key factor in achieving the required strength and surface quality.

by Simone Fischer


Cleaning wood-based, composite and sandwich panels in the caravan industry

Thanks to an automated cleaning system developed by Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning in Stegen, Dethleffs, one of the leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles in Europe, has been able to optimise their production process. In addition, this innovation has succeeded in reducing the exposure of employees to wood and glass fibre dust in the production environment.

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Sword Brushes provide for particle-free electric steel

The stators and rotors of electric motors are constructed using laminations of electrical steel stacked together to avoid eddy current losses. Sword Brushes reliably remove contamination particles from the steel strip before stamping thus preventing short circuits betweeen laminations.


Sanding wood inevitably produces wood dust as do sawing, drilling and milling processes. All of these processing steps are necessary during the production of furniture panels with a surface finish and they all generate dust. Particles remaining on the panels may cause blemishes and indentations on the surfaces. To prevent this happening, Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning in Stegen is offering cleaning solutions which combine air-assisted and brush cleaning technology.

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How to avoid flaws on lacquered high-gloss black surfaces?

The surface lacquering of high-gloss elements is a delicate project if you want to avoid high rejection rates. Contaminating particles very often provoke flaws on surfaces.

by Simone Fischer

Wandres will exhibit at the PaintExpo 2018 exhibition: Hall 1, booth 1628

Perfectly clean component parts are key to producing flawlessly coated surfaces. Sword Brush
technology provides an effective procedure for removing contaminating particles from the surface
of diverse materials.

by Simone Fischer

Wandres will exhibit at the PaintExpo 2018 exhibition: Hall 1, booth 1628

Auf der Blechexp zeigt Wandres Micro-cleaning Schwertbürsten-Reinigungssysteme, die eine Alternative zu Waschmaschinen darstellen.


One of the most cutting-edge body presses worldwide went into operation at a Kuppenheim plant in 2016. The six-stage XL servo press with a total pressing force of 9,100 tonnes forms outer skin components such as side walls, bonnets and doors for compact vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. Particle-free surfaces are crucial to the stamping of outer skin components and Daimler depends on the Sword Brush technology developed by Wandres to meet these stringent requirements both in their laser blanking lines as well as in the press lines. The laser cut sheet-metal blanks as well as body outer skin components and body stampings are supplied to Mercedes-Benz factories in Rastatt and Sindelfingen for body shell construction in passenger car production and to the truck assembly plant in Wörth for the production of cabs.

Air and brush cleaning technology ensure perfect furniture surfaces at Bizzarri

The industrial production of furniture surfaces runs fully automated and error-free in the most optimal scenario because every defect or particle insert in a painted surface leads to cost-intensive rework or rejection of the plate. Therefore, an extremely careful removal of the fine grinding dust, also from the fin sanding dust, is necessary before painting.

Air and brush cleaning of furniture parts

To avoid inclusions at the material surfaces, you need to effectively remove sanding dust particles. If you combine a Tornado Channel with the Sword Brush technology, you have created a strong basis to achieve this goal.

Food packages do not merely serve as a means to an end. They should also prolong the self-life of the contents and have an attractive look and feel for the customers. Therefore, a great  number of issues have to be taken into account during the complex production process. An impeccable appearance of the packaging requires the removal of all interfering particles from the surfaces prior to the start of the printing process.

The company Wandres is investing 3 million Euro in its new administration building in the Stegen business area. The number of employees is rising.

Wandres celebrated the groundbreaking for its new administration building last Friday. The morning presented itself with a closed cover of snow and temperatures well below freezing. The Wandres management and employees as well as the representatives of the community, the architects, the companies involved in the construction of the building and the neighbouring school for hearing impaired children were present to open a new chapter in the company’s history.

Replacement for washing machines

Sword Brushes are gradually taking the place of washing machines within press lines to clean blanks. The reason for this are high running operational and maintenance costs of washing machines on the one hand and insufficient cleaning results regarding aluminium blanks with dry lubes on the other hand. Aluminium blanks are increasingly being used within press lines.

By Simone Fischer

Sword Brushes instead of emu feathers

Dust on metallic surfaces often lead to high retouching and rejection rates. Therefore automobile manufacturers often use emu feathers to clean their car bodies before they enter the painting process. Sword Brushes are an alternative to these feathers. To make them as efficient, they are micro-moistened with an antistatic cleaning agent.

By Simone Fischer



Brush cleaning installation for blank widths of up to 4500 mm

The German company Eckardt Umformtechnik manufactures lubrication, cleaning and conservation machines. Last week, they presented a brush cleaning installation on the Euroblech trade fair. The machine is part of their LBE product range and is suitable to clean blank widths of up to 4500 mm. They use a high performance Wandres cleaning unit to achieve this. The system has been designed for the production of skin body parts in the automotive industry and may be integrated in any press line.

By Frauke Finus



9567 Neubau Stegen klein

Das in Wagensteig ansässige und auf industrielle Oberflächenreinigung spezialisierte Unternehmen hat im Gewerbepark Stegen einen Neubau bezogen.

Absolut staubfreie Oberflächen als Garant für optimale Lackierergebnisse

Beim Schleifen von Werkstücken und Bauteilen entsteht viel Staub. Diese zahllosen kleinen Partikel müssen vor dem Lackieren sorgfältig von den Oberflächen entfernt werden, da die Entschlüsse somst für  ein ruhiges Lackbild sorgen und Stippen verursachen können.

von Simone Fischer

Dust no Longer Stands a Chance

Advanced inspection lighting improves the visibility of dust particles and inclusions in coatings and reveals particle contaminations on surfaces. Depending on the component concerned or location of the inclusion, these require immediate attention if the refinishing and reject rate is to be kept to a minimum. A broad scope of cleaning applications is available for component parts, however adequate testing and careful consideration as to which cleaning regime is specifically geared to a particular task is essential.

by Simone Fischer

Top-Thema glasstec 2016

Saubere Oberflächen sind Voraussetzung für die Herstellung qualitativ hochwertiger Glasprodukte. Partikel und Staub auf den Oberflächen fürhren vielfach zu Produktstörungen und Qualitätseinbußen. Die optimale Reinigung von Flach- und Solarglas und gebogene Glasscheiben wird somit ein immer wichtigerer Aspekt im Produktionsprozess.


Particle-free surfaces before lacquering

Due to its versatility, good automation possibilities and its process reliability, more and more Sword Brushes find their way into the production lines of the car industry.

By Ms Simone Fischer