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Surface Cleaning Technology

BIX 51

Sword Brush BIX

The Sword Brush is ideal for cleaning flat surfaces such as furniture and plastic boards, metal blanks or surfaces of rollers. The compact design facilitates integration into existing conveying systems.


Una X

Combi Sword Brush Una X

The Combi Sword Brush Una X is suitable for the cleaning of flat surfaces and panels. Its adjustment frame allows a  vertical adjustment of the Sword Brushes e.g. to adapt them to the material’s thickness manually, or as an option with electrical resp. pneumatic height adjustment.


TKF 200

Tornado Channel

The Tornado Channel is ideal for the compressed air-assisted cleaning of flat surfaces like e.g. furniture panels with grooves, blind or through holes. The air jet produced either by rotating Tornado Nozzles or fixed Power Nozzles detaches contaminations powerfully from the material surfaces.


TKL 46 FN 51

Air-assisted pre-cleaning

Different air-assisted cleaning modules may be mounted at the infeed of Sword Brushes for pre-cleaning purposes. These modules effectively remove large amounts of contaminations from the material surfaces, recesses, grooves and bore holes with the help of a sophisticated ventilation technology.


roboters thumb

Robot Sword Brush BIR

The Robot Sword Brush is ideal for cleaning complex components with concave and convex surfaces such as car bodies, plastic moulded parts (bumpers or casings) before lacquering, printing, coating.


Web Sword Brush WSB

Web Sword Brush WSB

The Web Sword Brush is ideal to clean fast moving webs e.g. before printing, laminating or converting or after longitudinal cutting and trimming. This cleaning device may be used both for paper and cardboard webs as well as for delicate plastic films.

cevomat thumb

Cevomat CVO

The Cevomat cleans metallic webs (coils, metal strips,...) before rollers, levellers or before applying protective foils. A robust protective frame surrounds the four Sword Brushes that may be adjusted vertically.


evomat thumb

Evomat EVO

The Evomat Cleaner is suitable for the double-sided cleaning of galvanised blanks, tailored blanks, moulded or aluminium blanks before forming.


cf05 thumb

Cleaner CF

The Cleaner CF is ideal for the double-sided cleaning of flat surfaces: laminates, panels, plastic boards, profiled panels. The Cleaner has its own transport system.



Suction Gun, Vac-Blast Cleaner,...

The Suction Guns and the Vac-Blast Cleaner remove dry and slightly moist contaminating particles, abrasions or short chips from work places or workshops. They are designed for continuous operations within machines, installations and production lines.