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The patented Ingromat® system permits effective removal of even very fine particles.

The cleaning procedure may be subdivided into three phases:


1. Micro-moistening of filament tips
The Ingromat®sprayer applies a thin film of Ingromat®liquid (antistatic cleaning liquid) onto the linear brush.

2. Cleaning of product surface
The linear brush wipes tranversally across the product surface. Particles will cling to the micro-moistened filaments which will thus remove them effectively and transport them to the suction connection.
There are three effects that bring about this removal:
- mechanical brush effect by the linear brush
- capillary adhesive forces between micro-moistened filament and particle
- reduction of electrostatic charges brought about by the Ingromat ®liquid.
The subject material remains dry!

3. Self-cleaning mechanism of linear brushes
At the deviation, the linear brushes widen, so that particles may be detached more easily. Rotating steel elements (racks) remove the particles mechanically from the filaments. Additionaly, there are compressed air-driven nozzles, that blow into the brush filaments to cancel the capillary adhesive forces between the particles and the filaments. The suction system will absorb the particles.


You know the capillary attraction effect from everyday life. If you read a newspaper, you often moisten your finger to turn the pages. The paper adheres to the moistened finger and can be turned around more easily. The particles that need to be removed, will adhere to the micro-moistened brush filaments in the same way.