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Surface Cleaning Technology

Why do particles adhere to surfaces?

Particles are kept in place by adhesive forces that may be 107times stronger than gravity.  Aparts from electrostatic forces and their own weight, it is mainly the Van-der-Waals forces that cause the particles to stay where they are. These forces go back to an irregular distribution of electrical charges within a molecule. As there is no excess or lack of charge, a ionisation of the surrounding air cannot eliminate these forces.

Adhesive forces

The Ingromat® system makes use of capillary adhesive forces that arise between the micro-moistened filament and the particle. In the diagram, the capillary force and the total of the adhesive forces (Van-der-Waals forces, electrostatic force, weight) are shown in relation to the particle diameter. Up to a particle diameter of approx ca. 2000 μm the capillary force is bigger than the total of the adhesive forces. It can therefore bind the particles to the filament and remove them effectively from the surface.


Diagram: Adhesive forces in relation to the particle diameter (calculated for plastic particles on metal surfaces)