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Surface Cleaning Technology

1981 Foundation of the company as an engineering consulting company by Dipl.-Ing. Claus G. Wandres  
1984 Inauguration of the Wandres plant in the former elementary school in Wagensteig, a hamlet belonging to the village of Buchenbach. Start of the development and the production of compressed air-driven cleaning machinery.  
1987 Construction of an assembly hall 1987 Blechhalle
1990 Development of the first cleaning module BRE 71 that uses linear brushes.  
1992 Development of a micro-moistening system that is patented as the Ingromat® system.  

The first cleaning machine with brushes and its own transport system, the Cleaner CH 52, is launched.

1995 Wandres starts manufacturing its own brushes.  
1998 Enlargement of the former school building.
Foundation of the Wandres Corporation subsidiary in Ann Arbor, USA.
2000 Addition of another floor on top of the former school building 2000 schulhaus
2002 Launch of the Sword Brush BI 46.  
2003 Development of the Evomat EVO 04 cleaning machine for the cleaning of oily blanks and car body skin components.  

Foundation of the Wandres Brush-Hitec GmbH subsidiary in Kirchzarten, Germany.

Senior management team now includes Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Spehr

2006 Development of the Robot Sword Brush BIR for cleaning car bodies before the final chromophore lacquering process.  
2007 Construction of a large assembly hall (2.300 m2) in the traditional Black Forest farmhouse style. 2007 schwarzwaldhaus
2009 Development of the Ingro-Washer IGW, a machine that cleans with both microfibre elements and linear brushes.  
2010 Retrofitting of the former village inn (approx. 2.000 m²) to accommodate offices and the electronic department.
Launch of the Sword Brush Aqua 52 cleaning module using a stainless steel profile for wet applications.
2010 Hirschen

Senior management team is extended to include Dipl.-Ing. Stephanie Wandres and business economist Sylvia Wandres

While their sister Evelyn Rombach is now on board the management team of the Wandres Brush-Hitec GmbH


Foundation of subsidiary company Wandres Cleaning Machinery in Shanghai, China


Erection of new production building in Stegen, Germany

9567 Neubau Stegen klein