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The company Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning was founded in 1981 and is located in Buchenbach-Wagensteig, in the Black Forest in Southern Germany. It develops and produces innovative compressed air-assisted and brush cleaning systems for industrial production applications. Wandres has specialised in the gentle and effective removal of dust, fibres and very small particles from product surfaces.

Wandres produces cleaning systems with linear brushes for the single-sided or double-sided cleaning of surfaces as well as suction guns and vac-blast cleaners for specific removal of dust from components. Today, Wandres' customers come from the car and electronic industries as well as from the glass, plastic, paper, printing and furniture industries.

In 1998, Wandres founded a subsidiary in the United States of America. In Europe, the company cooperates with various selected sales agents. In 2004, the subsidiary company called Wandres Brush-Hitec GmbH  was founded to ensure high quality standards in the production of linear brushes.